The plot details are revealed to be secret, but it has been rumoured it will take place during Ultimate Alien.


There is a rumoured cast list from[1]

The possible cast list for the film is:

  • Logan Lerman or Cameron Bright as Benjamin "Ben" Tennyson / Ben 10
    • Noah Ringer, Troye Sivan or Ryan Ochoa as 10-year-old Ben
  • Nicola Peltz or Debby Ryan as Gwendolyn "Gwen" Tennyson
  • Nathan Kress or Mitchel Musso as Kevin E. Levin
  • Greg Mullavy or
  • Malese Jow or
  • Dwayne Johnson as Fourarms


On June 14, 2011, Producer Joel Silver announced that he along with Warner Bros. and Dark Castle Entertainment would bring Ben 10 to the big screen.[2] It was announced that Ben 10 live action movie is pre-production starting in late 2011 from Warner Bros. Pictures. A release date is unknown at this time, most likely thought of 2013 or 2014.